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2 Benefits Of Learning To Swim With Pool Noodles

March 17, 2022

Swimming is a wonderful activity that uses every muscle in your body. This means that knowing how to swim can not only potentially save your life, but can also help you stay fit and toned.  

If you are someone who does not know how to swim, you can always depend on swimming schools to help you master the skill. One of the most common swimming aids that instructors rely on is pool noodles.


Also known as water woggles, they are cylindrical and buoyant floatation devices made using polyethylene foam. 

2 benefits of using water woggles to learn swimming

Helps you get over the fear of getting in the pool

Learning swimming can be tricky if you are afraid to get in the pool in the first place. Fear of being in the pool can prevent you from getting good at swimming. Water woggles are a great swimming aid that can help you become comfortable in the water. You can simply in the pool with your pool noodle and it will help you stay afloat. The buoyant foam noodles are lightweight making them easy to handle in water.


Become more confident in the swimming pool

Once you get over the fear of being in the pool with the help of water woggles, you can continue to be more and more confident. You can ask the swimming instructor to show you how to use the foam noodle effectively for learning different swimming styles.
It is recommended to use water woggles for as long as it is necessary to master different swimming styles. Knowing different styles of swimming is beneficial and can make you a confident swimmer.


Using pool noodles manufactured by trusted manufacturers is essential. Alcot Plastics uses polyethylene foam of the highest quality to make foam noodles. The durability and quality of the water woggles by Alcot Plastics are unmatched. Get in touch with us today to learn about everything we can do for you.