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Foam Screening Spline

A building without a window is incomplete. A window is an inextricable element of any building. It not only ensures adequate ventilation but also helps the interiors to be flooded with natural light. The control it provides you over the entrance of natural light and fresh air is determined largely by its screen. A window screen needs to be firmly secured to its frame for the window to do its job well. This is where foam screening splines come in. They do a great job of keeping window screens firmly attached to their frames. 

Foam Screening Splines From Alcot Plastics Ltd.

Alcot Plastics Ltd. in Guelph, ON, is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of foam screening splines in North America. Our special extrusion technique allows us to be industry leaders in polyethylene foam production. We are committed to using only the finest PE foam to manufacture top-notch screening splines. 

The combination of high-quality material and special extrusion technique allows us to maintain consistency and quality. Our thin, flexible, and durable screening splines do a great job of securing window and door screens. The high-quality material means that the spline continues to support the screens irrespective of expansion and shrinkage effects. 


Why Choose Alcot Plastics?

Quality Assurance

Quality is at the heart of everything we do at Alcot Plastics Ltd. We have in place quality checks to guarantee consistency in our products. We constantly invest in the latest technology to guarantee the highest-quality products to our clients. Our foam screening spline is manufactured using high-quality materials for exceptional performance. 


Customization Options

We offer customization options to meet your specific screening requirements. Our design and production team works closely with you to understand your needs. We can manufacture foam screening splines in varying dimensions to meet your specific requirements.


Expert Support


Our team of experts is available to guide you through each step! Our experts will help you pick the right product after carefully understanding your needs. What’s more? We also guarantee a quick turnaround and hassle-free delivery to make your experience with us smooth.


Benefits of Foam Screening Spline

Easy Installation 

Damage or tearing of screening splines during installation is not uncommon. It is important to understand that spurious splines rarely get through the installation process. Our foam screening splines made of industrial-grade PE foam are easy to install, saving you time and effort during the screening process.

Secure Fit 

With a secure fit into screen frames, our foam screening spline ensures a long-lasting and reliable seal. The flexibility of our screening splines allows them to be snugly fit even in tight spaces. Thanks to our screening splines, your window and door screens will stay firmly fit to their frames for years without needing replacement.

Weather Resistant 

Designed to withstand various weather conditions, our foam screening spline maintains its integrity over time. Our screen splines are resistant to shrinkage and expansion caused due to extreme weather conditions. The weather resistance means that our splines do not create gaps for insects to enter your home or office. 


Contact Alcot Plastics today to learn more about our foam screening spline products and how they can enhance your screening solutions. Call us today at 519 767 2899 to learn about all we can do for you!


What Are The Applications of Foam Screening Splines?

They are used to secure window and door screens. Foam screening splines fit perfectly between the screen and the frame and prevent gaps that could compromise the integrity of windows or doors.

What Are The Benefits Of Foam Screening Splines From Alcot Plastics Ltd?

Our foam screening splines are weather-resistant, easy to install, and durable. We use only the finest PE foam to manufacture screening splines. Our screening splines offer a secure fit and stay intact for many years.

Why Source Foam Screening Splines From Alcot Plastics?

We have established ourselves as industry leaders through decades of consistency and quality. Our special extrusion technique allows us to stay ahead of the competition. Our experience and commitment to customer satisfaction make us the best choice to supply foam screening splines in North America.