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Polyethylene Foam

Alcot Plastics Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of top-quality polyethylene foam products in Guelph, ON. Founded in 1983 in Milton, ON, Alcot Plastics Ltd. has been the frontrunner of the PE foam industry ever since. Our PE foam extrusion process envisioned by Jan Alac, the founder and owner of Alcot Plastics Ltd., helps us stay ahead of the competition. This unique extrusion process is easier and better than the conventional extrusion process, which is often time-consuming. What's more, this method also helps us keep waste generation to a minimum, thus improving our product quality and efficiency. 

Some of Our Recent Custom Work Involving Polyethlene Foam Products Includes:

  • Mattress components – different shapes have to be used for corners, sides and interior. We have provided all of the parts, including interior polyethylene foam in the shape of a Greek omega (Ω) symbol
  • Roll-bar padding for racing cars
  • Custom bottle stoppers
  • Packaging polyethylene foam for a variety of products – including electronics, glass items, and toys

What Makes Us The Best Polyethylene Foam Product Manufacturer?

  • Shorter startup time 
  • Possibility to run small orders efficiently
  • Ability to run 8-hour shifts without creating waste
  • Consistent extrusion and control system that adjusts the diameter if necessary
  • Dedication to quality
  • Customization
  • Quick turnaround

Polyethylene Foam Products From Alcot Plastics Ltd.

Backer Rods: 

Our closed-cell backer rods are highly sought after by contractors across Canada. Exceptional joint sealing ability, durability, flexibility, and moisture resistance make them perfect for the job. These flexible rods are inserted into joints and gaps to provide support for sealants, preventing excessive sealant usage and ensuring proper joint depth and adhesion. 

Foam Screening Splines: 

Say goodbye to inferior screening splines that disintegrate when exposed to the elements. Our durable and flexible foam screening splines are perfect for securing window screens to their frames. We supply them in different sizes to fit your specific needs.

Pool Noodles: 

We manufacture the world’s favourite pool toy at our facility in Guelph, ON. We manufacture custom pool noodles to meet the specific requirements of our clients. These lightweight and buoyant foam tubes provide excellent flotation and cushioning, making them perfect for swimming, water aerobics, and pool games. 

Custom Bottle Stoppers: 

Alcot Plastics Ltd. is a one-stop destination for your custom bottle stopper needs. We offer custom-made polyethylene foam bottle stoppers that provide a reliable seal for wine bottles, test tubes, and other containers. 

Pipe Insulation:

The quality of the pipe insulation plays a crucial role in determining the energy efficiency of the water heating system. The high quality of our polyethylene foam guarantees excellent thermal insulation ofour pipe insulation solutions. Customization is at the heart of everything we do at Alcot Plastics Ltd. Reach out to us for all your custom pipe insulation needs. 


Alcot Plastics Ltd. in Guelph, ON, manufactures and supplies high-quality polyethylene foam products across Canada. The quick turnaround time and customization ability make us the go-to brand for all your polyethylene foam products. Call us today to get your hands on the best PE foam products like pool noodles, backer rods, screening splines, pipe insulation, etc. 


What is polyethylene foam and its applications?

Polyethylene foam is a type of polymer with countless applications. One of the most common uses of PE foam is as a packaging solution. Polyethylene foam’s cushioning ability and lightweight make it perfect for protecting fragile products. It is also used to manufacture pool noodles, pipe insulation, backer rods, and screening splines.

How does Alcot Plastics Ltd. stay ahead of the competition in the PE foam industry?

Over five decades of experience has helped us become the pioneers of the polyethylene foam industry. The special extrusion technique envisioned by our founder Jan Alac helps us become more efficient by reducing wastage. This extrusion technique also has a lesser start-up time of fifteen minutes, helping us offer a quick turnaround time without compromising quality.

What is the unique extrusion process used by Alcot Plastics Ltd.?

The average startup time required for conventional polyethylene foam extrusion setups is anywhere near a few hours. However, the process envisioned by our founder Jan Alac allows us to begin production in merely 15 minutes. This technique allows us to run small orders as well as straight eight-hour shifts without creating waste. Our extrusion and control system in place also allows us to adjust the diameter of PE foam products like backer rods and pool noodles.

How does the extrusion process contribute to improved product quality and efficiency?

The extrusion process is the foundation of our success at Alcot Plastics Ltd. The fast, convenient, and effective technique allows us to guarantee quality and consistency to all our clients. Since the extrusion process significantly reduces the manufacturing time, we can invest more time and resources in quality checks. The special extrusion process allows us to make PE foam products on smaller extruders, thus improving efficiency.

Why is the quality of pipe insulation crucial, and how does Alcot Plastics Ltd. ensure excellent thermal insulation?

The quality of pipe insulation is crucial to guarantee energy efficiency. Poor quality insulation leads to skyrocketed energy bills, adding to your monthly expenses. Alcot Plastics Ltd. manufactures pipe insulation using only the best polyethylene foam. Features like moisture resistance and closed-cell structure make our PE foam perfect to be used as pipe insulation. We offer pipe insulation of varying thicknesses to meet your specific needs.