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Advanced Foam Extrusion Technology at Alcot Plastics Ltd.

At Alcot Plastics Ltd., we take pride in our unique foam extrusion technology that we have exclusively developed to ensure efficient production of high quality products such as backer rods, pool noodles, screening spline, and more. As a result of our Research and Development process, we came up with a single-screw extrusion system that has several technological advantages, namely:

·         Easy, quick, and responsive control of the system – time from resin entering the extruder to the time leaving the die as a product is, on average, 7 minutes

·         Only a few minutes for the effect of change of injected gas on density

·         Change in additives is seen in a few minutes

·         Start up times are short – 15 minutes and less (i.e. after 15 minutes of pressing “Start”  the product is ready to be packed)

·         Capability to run efficiently small orders or run only 8 hour shifts without creating waste

·         Superior mixing that allows us to get extremely uniform cell structure. There are no problems with mixing even after injecting melted foam stabilizers

·         On a small extruder, it becomes possible to make products that would normally require larger extruders running at low RPM

·         Consistent extrusion, backed up by an automatic laser-like diameter (or height) control, sensitivity of which is about .001”. This system is controlling the diameter and automatically correcting it if necessary

Thanks to our innovative technology, we can assure our customers of fast turn-outs and high quality products such as backer rods, pool noodles, screening splines and more. For more information or to get our team started on your project, give us a call today!