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2 Qualities Of Great Soft Backer Rod Manufacturers

June 17, 2022

Backer rods are made of extruded polyethylene foam and are used by contractors for diverse applications. The use of backer rods includes but is not limited to filling gaps, limiting the amount of sealant used, repairing pavements, and offering support to expansion joints.

A soft rod is a popular type of backer rod. It gets its name because of the soft polyethylene foam used for its manufacturing. One of the significant benefits of soft backer rods is that they can easily fit into even small gaps. The flexibility and absorption of such rods are unmatched.

Here are two qualities of a dependable soft backer rod manufacturer.

Access to top-quality polyethylene foam
If the manufacturer does not have access to industrial-grade polyethylene foam, it can be difficult for them to supply durable backer rods. Alcot Plastic Ltd. manufactures polyethylene foam in large quantities and converts them into a wide range of products like screening splines, pool noodles, and backer rods. It is essential to choose only brands that manufacture their own polyethylene foam to guarantee quality.
Modern machinery and equipment
Embracing technology and innovation is a must for industries today. Without modern machinery and equipment, it is not possible to offer quality products in larger numbers. When choosing a backer rod manufacturer it is important to assess whether the company is well-equipped with the necessary tools and equipment. 
Alcot Plastics Ltd. uses a unique foam extrusion technology. The single-screw extrusion system we use has advantages like enabling us to minimize wastage and process orders of all sizes.
We boast a superior mixing technique that allows us to get a uniform cell structure. Laser-like precision guidance technology helps our machines to automatically adjust the diameter of the backer rods if required, guaranteeing uniformity in terms of size and quality. Contact us today to source the best polyethylene products at even better rates.