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3 Characteristics of Reliable Soft Backer Rod Manufacturers

July 21, 2021

Soft backer rod sets help construction and development projects gain full water and air seals with their expanding capabilities. To find the best rods, locating an excellent manufacturer with the following characteristics and one that continues to establish their brand is necessary.

Alcot Plastics Ltd. is the right destination for a soft backer rod supply, and our team is committed to meeting your needs on a long-term basis.

Decades of Experience

A company with more than 10 years of experience understands logistics and systematic approaches to manufacturing their soft backer rod sets and other products. They invest in top-quality materials and equipment to provide high-quality results for their clients. Here at Alcot Plastics, we have close to 40 years of experience supplying the best plastic and foam materials since the 1980s.

Faster Startup Time

Alcot Plastics and other highly-dependable manufacturers understand that time is of the essence on a daily basis. All of our equipment starts in less than half an hour rather than consuming a greater length, which can be common for some current-day manufacturing technology. In doing so, we achieve optimal productivity by pairing a faster startup time with consistent maintenance and schedule alignment.

Can Run Small, Medium, and Large-Quantity Orders

Numerous manufacturers of these sets and other plastic and foam materials only accept larger orders. However, Alcot Plastics’ equipment allows you to put in small orders because of our ability to make products using small extruders. As a result, we optimize for any project while ensuring we produce minimal waste and never subjecting our employees or machines to overtime work.

No Need To Look Far To Find a Dependable Manufacturer

Alcot Plastics is the ideal choice for all of your plastic and foam needs. We only produce the safest and most durable products and services for our clients. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can achieve with you.