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3 Commonly-Used Screening Splines In The Construction Industry

October 22, 2021

 A screening spline is more commonly used in construction as it is pliable and flexible. In the construction industry, it is important for screening splines to be both flexible and durable. Plus, it should also be relatively easy to install. There are basically a few screening splines that meet these criteria and are best suited for this industry.

Here are 3 of the best screening spline options for construction projects.


Polyfoam is sold in long rolls that can be installed similar to an electrical wire. This material is like rubber, but with more air pockets in its structure. As a result, this makes it more elastic than other materials. Hence, foam, such as those made by Alcot Plastics LTD, the pioneers in designing polyethylene foam products, is a versatile and inexpensive solution that can be utilized in any channel or corridor. For optimum utilization, a little strip of foam screening should be added behind the material. Additionally, size should also be taken into consideration. Polyfoam screening splines often come in sizes of 10' to 50'.



EPDM is a bendable rubber material that becomes more brittle when no chemicals are added. With these chemicals, it becomes resistant to UV light and is often used as a screening product. EPDM is also easy to install. Homeowners can install these screening splines with little to no tools.


Solid-Core Vinyl

Core Vinyl is the most durable material that can be used for screen spline. It's just as good for use as any foam screening spline. However, in terms of flexibility, it lacks the pliable nature of the latter. Also, compared to its other spline counterparts, solid core vinyl can be tougher to install, so it's important to buy the right size from the hardware store and have professionals install them. In the end, it's about finding the right blend of ease of installation and durability. Ultimately, all are solid choices, but choosing the right one depends on the preferences of the homeowner.


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