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3 Crafty Pool Noodle Hacks for Your Home

June 12, 2020

When we think of pool noodles, we typically think of the bright coloured long foam noodles that help to keep us afloat when swimming. What we don’t tend to think about are the myriad of ways in which we can use foam noodles for crafts or for simple hacks in and around our homes. Foam noodles are available in a wide range of colours, lengths, and diameters, and offer great flexibility in addition to flotation capability. It is for these reasons that foam noodles make a great material for at home crafts and useful hacks. 

In this blog we suggest 3 craft pool noodle hacks that you can use in your home. Read on form more.


Crafty Hack 1: Fun Foam Wreath

Are you looking for a fun way to use old foam noodles lying around your home? All you need are 2 foam noodles. Just connect each end to the next using a strong glue or other adhesive to achieve the desired circular wreath shape. Jazz up your wreath by wrapping different fabrics and decals from your local craft store to the exterior of your wreath. Voila! You have yourself an interesting custom-made wreath you can add to your home.


Crafty Hack 2: Prevent Door Slamming 

Is your family too tough on your doors? Are they constantly slamming it closed? Preserve the longevity of your home’s doors by using foam noodles to absorb the shock of the door being slammed. Just slice a noodle thinly across its length and slide it over the edges of your door. 


Crafty Hack 3: Preserve the Shape of Your Winter Boots

Canadian winters are predictably chilly, and as such we take out our winter clothes to protect ourselves from the cold. This includes our winter boots. After spending money on good quality winter boots, you’ll want to ensure they are properly maintained when not in use during the summer months. All you need to do is cut a pool noodle at roughly the same height as your boots and place it inside the boots for wrinkle-free storage.