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3 Creative Ways To Use Pool Noodles

January 26, 2022

Pool noodles
are buoyant cylindrical tubes made of polyethylene foam. These foam tubes are popular swimming pool toys because of their excellent floatation ability. In addition, novice swimmers can become expert swimmers with the help of water woggles. As a result, swimming schools and instructors worldwide rely on foam noodles to help amateur swimmers gain more and more confidence in the water. There are many ways to use water woggles to learn to swim. 


However, you can use these foam noodles even outside the swimming pool in many ways. 


Here are some creative ways you can use water woggles outside the water. 


Door draft stopper

Since these flexible cylindrical tubes are made using polyethylene foam, they have excellent insulation capability. They are also soft and have an excellent ability to regain their shape after being compressed. These factors make foam noodles ideal for being a door draft stopper. You can cut the cylindrical tubes in two halves and fix them on either side of the door using adhesive. While cutting the foam tubes, make sure to cut them lengthwise. 


Make safe goalposts

Kids worldwide love playing soccer. Soccer is a fun sport that requires no fancy equipment or expensive gear to play. All you need is a ball, some friends, and two goalposts. Traditional goalposts are costly to install and are made using hard steel that can hurt kids in the case of a collision. Making small goal posts using foam noodles and connectors is a safe way to let kids enjoy playing soccer in your backyard.


Protection against sharp corners

Furniture or walls in your home can have sharp edges and corners that can hurt your kids or pets. It is necessary to cover such sharp corners with a protective layer to avoid untoward incidents. You can cut foam noodles in the required size and use them as a protective layer. Then, you can use adhesive to fix them in the desired place.

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