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3 Difficult Insulation Dilemmas That Soft Rods Effectively Solve

October 21, 2020


If you have backer rods for almost any project, then why do you need soft rods when filling gaps between components for maximum insulation? While conventional rods tighten faster than their softer counterparts, having low pliability cuts the former's lifespan and efficiency.

Softer rods can fill gaps in narrow components with efficient malleability and pliability. Here are three situations that can be difficult without using soft rods.s.

Window and Joint Glazing

Most windows and joints have varying widths that conventional closed-cell backer rods and sealants can cause bubbling. With softer rods, you can easily fit the window and joint glazing gaps and guarantee an airtight seal. Alcot Plastics's rods do not allow sealants to adhere to it, and no bond breaker is required which makes for an efficient installation. 

Curtain Wall Construction Partitions

With effective insulation, curtain walls can keep weather from changing your indoor temperature. However, because they can have varying shapes and sizes, its partitions might not securely attach to each other leading to gaps in between each piece. To provide efficient insulation, inserting soft rods with proper sealant application is the best and most affordable method possible. 

Log Home Gaps

Modern log homes require a soft rod in between each gap to guarantee a completely airtight seal. Because each log in a cabin home has different gap sizes, conventional backer rods cannot completely fill in the gaps even when you apply sealant. In addition, logs can expand and contract depending on the outside temperature, which makes softer rods the better and more adaptable solution. 

Only Get The Best Quality Rods For Your Projects

If you have yet to find a reliable rod manufacturer for all your gap insulating and construction needs, you can always trust products from Alcot Plastics. With over 30 years experience in manufacturing the best products, you always get quality results from us. Contact us today to learn more!