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3 Fun Things You Can Do With Pool Noodles

September 26, 2022
Also known as water woggles, most people think of pool noodles, as nothing more than flotation devices for swimming pools. However, these cylindrical foam tubes can actually be quite versatile and fun! In this article, we'll explore five different ways you can use foam noodles, from DIY projects to backyard games.

3 Fun Foam Noodle Ideas

Make a Pool Noodle Wreath
Water woggles are not just for swimming! You can also use them to make a festive foam noodle wreath. Just get some foam noodles in different colours and cut them into pieces. Then, hot glue the pieces onto a wreath form. Add some ribbon or other decorations, and you're done. This is a great project for kids because it's easy and fun. Plus, it's a great way to reuse foam noodles instead of throwing them away.
Create a DIY Slip and Slide
A water woggle can be used to create a DIY slip and slide. All you need is a foam noodle, some duct tape, and a tarp. Cut the foam noodle in half and tape it to the sides of the tarp. Then, wet the tarp and let your kids slide away. The soft foam noodles create a protective boundary and make sure kids stay within the tarp.
Make a Pool Noodle Piñata
Making a foam noodle piñata is a fun and easy activity that the whole family can enjoy. All you need is a water woggle, some tape, and some candy. First, take your foam noodle and cut it in half. Then, use tape to secure the two halves together. Next, use a sharp knife to make a small hole in the top of the piñata. Finally, fill the piñata with candy and hang it up. Your foam noodle piñata is now ready to be enjoyed!
Noodle Ring Toss
The noodle ring toss is a great pool party game for all ages. To play, you will need a few pool noodles and some plastic rings. You can make the rings yourself by cutting the bottom off of a plastic soda bottle. To set up the game, tie a foam noodle in a loop around a tree or post. The loop should be about waist-high. If you don’t have a tree or post, you can use two chairs to prop up the noodle.
Players take turns throwing the rings at the noodle. The goal is to get the ring to go over the noodle and land on the ground on the other side. If a player misses, they can try again. The first player to get all of their rings over the noodle wins the game.This is a simple but fun game that can be played by people of all ages. It’s a great way to stay cool and have fun in the summertime heat.
From swimming and diving to playing fetch with your dog, there are so many ways to have fun in the water with these versatile pool toy. Alcot Plastic Ltd. is leading manufacturer of foam noodles. We also manufacture and supply screening splines and backer rods made from top-grade polyethylene foam.