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3 Qualities Of Foam Screening Splines

July 29, 2022

Screening splines are used for attaching window frames to their brackets. The splines should be sourced from trusted manufacturers to make them last long and do their job well. Since windows are exposed to harsh elements, the splines should be made of high-quality material. 

The material used should be able to withstand everything from extreme heat and cold to strong rains and winds. Polyethylene foam is a material widely preferred by screening spline manufacturers. Foam screening splines have different qualities that make them one of the best choices.

Significant Qualities of Foam Splines

They are made of durable polyethylene foam
As mentioned earlier, these splines are manufactured using top-quality polyethylene foam. This foam is known for its excellent shock-absorption qualities. Screening splines manufactured of polyethylene foams are non-abrasive, flexible, lightweight and strong.
Easy to install
The flexibility, strength, and tear resistance of polyethylene foam screening splines make them easy to install. You do not have to worry about damaging the screening spline during installation. There are several online DIY videos and guides on how to install screening splines yourself. Hiring professional contractors is recommended if you wish to save time and do not mind spending a little.
Perfect fit
Polyethylene foam splines can fit in window frames of all sizes. They provide a tight fit, ensuring the window frame is securely attached to the bracket. A loose window frame leads to poor insulation and increased energy bills.
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