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3 Reasons Our Screening Splines Are The Best

June 03, 2024
The best screening splines from Alcot Plastics Ltd. in Guelph, ON

Screening splines that get worn out too quickly are a hassle. It is inconvenient to have to deal with gaps around doors and windows. Even the smallest gap can pave the way for insects to enter your home or office. What's more? Such gaps also affect climate control and increase pressure on your HVAC system. Spline foams are crucial for firmly holding window and door frames to their frames. Alcot Plastics Ltd. is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of high-quality foam splines. Please read this blog until the end to learn three reasons our screening splines are among the best.


3 Reasons Our Screening Splines Are Durable And Dependable


Material Matters

Our screening splines are made of top-quality polyethylene foam. It ensures that the foam splines can withstand wear and tear. They are even weatherproof, making them apt for use in areas with harsh weather conditions. The structural integrity of our foam splines can stand the test of time.

Precision Engineering

Alcot Plastics Ltd. gives the utmost importance to customization. We manufacture each spline to meet your specific requirements. We can manufacture the splines in the dimensions of your choice. This guarantees that the spline fits perfectly and ensures a tight seal around your doors and windows. 

Quality and Consistency

Alcot Plastics Ltd. is synonymous with quality. We have rigorous testing and quality checks in place. They ensure that no product leaves our facility with any flaw whatsoever. We adhere to stringent quality and safety codes. You can be assured of quality and consistency when sourcing our screening splines.
Our screening splines stand out for their durability, reliability, and performance. We leverage the power of advanced technology and an experienced workforce at our facility in Guelph, ON. Call +1 519.767.2899 to place an order or get a free quote. We are a trusted manufacturer and supplier of polyethylene foam products like pool noodles and backer rods.