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3 Reasons To Choose High-Quality Screening Splines For Windows

December 02, 2021

Windows play a huge role in deciding the aesthetics of any building. In addition, they are vital for ventilation and, when closed, act as a barrier against heat, rains, and insects. For windows to effectively do their job, the screen should be firmly attached to its bracket. If the screen is even a little bit loose, its function could be compromised. The use of good quality screening splines will ensure that the screen is firmly attached to the windows or doors.


Reasons To Choose Quality Screening Splines


A screen spline is a thin rope-like material made using vinyl or foam to fix a window screen. Let us take a look at a few reasons to choose only good quality splines.




Screen splines by trusted manufacturers like Alcot Plastics offer longevity. Once bought, you can trust the spline to do its job for years without having to worry about replacing it.


Leaves no gap


Gaps are bad when it comes to fixing window screens. Even a small gap between the screen and the window bracket could provide enough space for bugs and insects to get inside. Using a good quality screen spline will ensure that there are no gaps. 


It won't melt and fuse with the screen


One of the primary reasons that call for the replacement of screen splines is their melting. Spurious splines melt when exposed to heat for an extended duration. This calls for the replacement of both the window screen and the screen spline leading to increased expenditure. Problems like this could be avoided by going for only good quality screen splines.


No breakages


Windows, along with screen splines, are exposed to harsh weather conditions. The change in temperature causes the splines to shrink and expand. Splines made by a dependable manufacturer will weather these extreme conditions for many years before they need to be replaced.

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