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3 Reasons To Replace Screening Splines

July 19, 2022

Windows are vital aspects of any building. Be it your office, commercial space, warehouse, business, or home, you cannot imagine a space without windows. Not just that a building looks rather incomplete without windows, but they are also essential as they offer various utilitarian benefits.

Windows serve the following purpose:
  • Let natural light in
  • Keeping out bugs and insects
  • Protecting those inside the building from harsh weather conditions
  • Necessary for insulation
  • Offer a view of what's outside
 In order for windows to do these tasks well, the screening spline must be intact. Knowing when to replace foam splines is essential.

Here's when you should replace the splines.

Loose screens
If you notice that the screen is not firmly attached to its frame, it can be because of a loose or damaged spline. Loose and fidgety screens are signs that the foam spline needs replacing as soon as possible.
In use for more than ten years
As a general rule of thumb, you should replace window splines every ten years. By doing so, you are being proactive and preventing any damage before it happens. Damaged splines can sometimes lead to cracked screens and loose frames. Such problems will lead to more costs.
Breakages or tears
Breakages and tears are obvious signs that the window splines need replacement. Although foam splines sourced from trusted manufacturers are long-lasting, sometimes, because of extreme weather conditions like heat waves, storms, hurricanes, or floods, the splines can get damaged and eventually break. 
You need to replace the window splines as soon as possible to prevent window screens from becoming fidgety. Alcot Plastics Ltd. is one of the leading names in the polyethylene foam industry. We manufacture and supply top-of-the-line polyethylene foam screening splines to clients across Canada. Get in touch with us today to learn about our wide range of products.