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3 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Screening Spline

November 20, 2020

Splines are probably the part of windows and doors that get the least attention from homeowners. A screening spline holds your window and door screens securely, being able to withstand weather conditions. They are highly customizable and can fit any size of windows and doors. Unfortunately, even well-manufactured splines degrade and suffer from damages or wear and tear over time.


Here are four signs that it's time to replace them:


Torn Window or Door Screen

If you have damaged or torn screens, you'll need to immediately replace its screening spline. Fortunately, screening splines are affordable. Don't repair and reconnect the old spline with a new screen because it will be difficult to remove. It's best to use a new spline when it gets damaged to ensure its long-term performance.


Loose and Fidgety Screens

Window and door screens act as filters that reduce the entrance of dust and soot. Additionally, it keeps insects and small animals at bay. a loose and fidgety barrier will not be able to give you ample protection, and minimal force from small animals can knock it loose. Therefore, it's best to replace the screening spline to ensure the firm protective screen continues to protect your home. 


In Use for More Than Five Years

High-quality splining foam can last for decades. However, even the best-made ones can fail even after five years due to humidity and other factors. Make sure to check the screen's strength and replace any spline that you believe is weak and problematic after five years in use. Indeed, not every spline will have issues after five years in use, but it is still best to have them inspected by experts.


Dependable Manufacturers Give You the Best Splines

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