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3 Types of Backer Rods You'll Need For Most Projects

September 16, 2021

Backer rods are useful when filling in gaps between building materials that have different sizes or an asymmetry, such as logs and an assortment of unique bricks or tiles. However, not all backer rods are created equal, and you'll need to choose from three different types to find the one that’s most suitable for your project. 

Here is a simple classification of backer rods.

Open Cell

Open-cell backer rods are useful for internal sealing because of their compression-friendly characteristics. It allows sealants to cure from both sides, allowing airtight sealing without leaving any gaps. These rods usually use polyurethane foam, making them the best choice for projects where sealing work needs to be done on the inside of a property. Open-cell backer rods are also a bad choice when used around moisture due to their wicking tendency.


Closed Cell

These rods are less about malleability and softness and more about robustness and creating a tighter seal. In essence, closed-cell rods aren't easy to compress, making their installation challenging for homeowners and home renovation specialists. However, if you're sealing gaps from the exterior, you can use closed-cell rods because of their durability, as exposure to the elements will not diminish its properties. You can quickly apply sealant and avoid any three-sided adhesion with this type of backer rod.


Hybrid Backer Rod

A compression-friendly rod with no moisture-wicking capability sounds perfect for both interior and exterior project usage, a combination provided by hybrid backer rods. Due to its extreme versatility, hybrid rods are quite pricey, but it guarantees the best results when it comes to effectively sealing gaps. For the best quality backer rods, Alcot Plastics LTD is an obvious choice, serving the construction industry for decades.


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