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3 Types Of Screening Splines

May 25, 2022

A well-maintained window adds to the house's aesthetic and increases its curb appeal. Apart from the visual factors, the windows are also significantly important in terms of utility. Windows are important for letting in natural light. They are also absolutely vital for the ventilation of a home.

When closed, windows keep out bugs, rainwater during monsoon, and heavy winds when it's windy outside. They also act as a layer of protection. Screening splines are vital for the windows to do their job well. The splines help the window screens stay firmly attached to their frames, without leaving any gaps.

Here are three types of splines used by contractors.

Foam splines
Foam splines are made using industrial-grade polyethylene foams. These splines are widely used by contractors owing to their many benefits. Durability, cost-effectiveness, resistance to harsh weather conditions, the ability to expand and shrink without breaking, and ease of installation are all factors that make foam splines increasingly popular. Polyethylene foam features more air pockets than rubber and is also more elastic. 
EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber. It is a common synthetic rubber used across industries for various applications. EPDM is known for its elasticity and excellent resistance to heat and extreme weather. It also provides excellent UV resistance. Although popular, contractors are using more and more foam screening splines in recent years.
Solid-core vinyl
The significant difference between foam screening spline and solid-core vinyl is that the former is flexible. If you choose solid-core vinyl, it is essential to buy the right size. Otherwise, the installation process can be challenging. One of the significant advantages of solid-core vinyl is that it is more durable than EPDM or polyethylene foam. In short, solid-core splines offer minimal elasticity but greater durability.
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