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3 Unique Ways Pool Noodles Can Be Used

April 09, 2020

Pool noodles are the one of the best toys you can offer kids especially when it's their first time in the swimming pool. However, there's more to these soft-foam toys than just being merely toys. Thanks to efficient manufacturing and exceptional durability, they have transcended their function of entertainment and have now ventured into the world of DIY. 


Here are three different ways they can be used out of the pool:


Electric Cord Holders

Pesky electric cords are often the aesthetic nightmare of interior residential or office design. Seeing jumbles of cords can be quite unsightly as well as hard to conceal. Pool noodles can be  cut vertically and used as electric cord holders to keep your wires organized and protected from foot traffic.

Prevent Vehicular Scratching

Although the roof of your car is not always visible, we still want to prevent scratches from happening. By wrapping the barrier rods with pool noodles, you prevent any risk of vehicular scratching and scraping. The result is maximum efficiency in transporting bicycles, ladders, and other equipment on your roof without risking your vehicle's aesthetics. 


Door Draft Guard

Rather than buying an expensive door draft guard, you can make one from a noodle and a pair of nylon stockings. Cut the noodle vertically in half and place the two halves in one leg of the stockings. Ensure each half of the noodle is on each side of the door with the stockings holding them in place. It’s guaranteed to help keep the cool air in during the summer months and the hot air in during the winter months


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