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4 Astounding Uses of Modern Day Polyethylene Foam

December 22, 2020


Polyethylene foam is one of the best uses of plastic materials. Truthfully, we encounter this foam daily, whether as a coffee cup or a bracket or bracer in a package we just purchased. This foam is readily available to purchase from any high-quality supplier like Alcot Plastics. Here are four excellent uses of this high-quality material.


Product Packaging and Void Fillers

When you receive packages, you'll often see polyethylene foam as the bracket or void fillers that prevent it from breaking, especially when containing fragile items. This foam has excellent vibration dampening capabilities, which allow it to absorb a tremendous amount of force when a blunt force hits it. Thanks to its affordability it's a staple for fragile items, food packaging, and more.


Soundproofing Aid Materials

Studios use specially-manufactured polyethylene foam to help dampen the low and high frequencies in their recording rooms. For music studios, reducing high-frequency reflection is crucial, and this foam is capable of absorbing a considerable amount of high and low-frequency room reflection affordably and effectively. 


Home Insulation Solutions

Because of its vibration dampening capacities, polyethylene is an excellent material to provide additional property insulation. The capacity to slow down air molecules to virtually a grinding halt increases the internal temperature retention of properties. You can place a small foam panel over a dried caulk application to ensure property insulation too. 


Toys and Edge Protectors

Lastly, high-grade polyethylene is safe for children to play with. Foam toys and table edge protectors are affordable, child-friendly items. Foam edge protectors are an affordable child-proofing material you can use too.


You Won't Need to Look Far To Find High-Grade Foam Manufacturers

Alcot Plastics has been producing the best foam for decades and has supplied numerous local companies and wholesalers. Contact us today to learn more about our full range of products and services.