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4 Easy And Protective Uses For A Pool Noodle

September 28, 2020

 Swimming pools are always attractive for the kids because of the fun, care-free environment they create. However, accidents can occur and it’s important to have safety measures in place - this is one big reason why pool noodles are used to serve as a floating guide for children. These colourful foam toys are very lightweight, smooth, and are safe to play with. They are not just useful around pools but they are also very versatile to use for countless DIY projects anywhere in the home. They are available in different sizes and are cheap, especially when bought in bulk. They are not just for fun use but have great properties as well for other more important functions, such as being resistant to corrosive liquids. 

Moreover, pool noodles can also be used in industrial applications as insulation for pipes and cables due to their excellent impact absorption capacity.


So, when the swimming season is over, you can still use them for protective purposes, too, such as the following ideas :


Great door bumper

If you are tired of hearing that annoying sound of your door banging into the walls while you are rushing in and out of your house, you can prevent it happening again with the use of a pool noodle. Just cut a short section of the foam and slip it onto the edge of your door to guard against marring the wall. 


Very cheap ladder guards

When it’s the time to clean your gutters and other far-reaching areas, you don’t want your metal ladder to scratch them. Pool noodles will make good ladder protectors. Just cut 2 feet sections of the foam noodles, slit them with a knife, and stick them on the ladder steps. They will not only protect against scratches but also provide great cushions to your legs, too.    


Crease-free garments

Keep your pants, scarves or shawls crease-free the easiest and cheapest way by covering the hanger with a pool noodle. Cut it to the same length of the lower hanger rod and then slit the entire length of the noodle in order to make it easy to slip it onto the hanger.


Easily protect liftgate

Just like opening your door, your van’s liftgate may also hit a cross brace of your garage door and mar off the paint on the gate. Protect it using pool noodles as a cushion. It’s as simple as slitting the noodle with a knife and slipping it onto the brace.  Ensure that you put on double-sided tape to secure it from slipping off.