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4 Essential Applications of Polyethylene Foam

June 05, 2020


Polyethylene foam offers a myriad of benefits across a large range of industrial and everyday applications. These benefits are directly related to the beneficial properties polyethylene-based foams have to offer. 

Polyethylene-based foams are incredibly buoyant - making them useful in a great number of flotation applications. They are also non-abrasive by design, making them suitable for packaging applications. Polyethylene-based foams are also great thermal insulators, and are commonly used in many air handling and HVAC applications.

In consideration of the full range of benefits polyethylene foams are able to provide, it is unsurprising that this material is an essential in the manufacture of everything from pool noodles to packaging products. The following are 4 essential applications of polyethylene-based foams.

Backer Rods

Polyethylene-based backer rods are primarily used for concrete precast building, in which they are placed between concrete panels as a means to fill the gap. They effectively provide a “backer” so that caulking may be applied. Backer rods are commonly used in foundations, doors, windows, and wall joints. 

Soft Backer Rods

Soft backer rods are also available for irregular joint width applications. As its name suggests, soft backer rods are softer than your conventional backer rod products and offer non-gassing, pliable, and bi-cellular properties making them suitable for applications that use sealants. 

Pool Noodles

Pool noodles are an essential flotation device used when teaching someone how to swim. However, they offer more versatility than you may think. Pool noodles are also used as toy weapons, for artworks, and as edge protectors in your home. 

Pipe Insulation

Polyethylene-based foams are also used to manufacture pipe insulators. Pipe insulation can aid in maintaining energy efficiency by reducing the energy needed to warm water. Pipe insulators are also capable of preserving the warm temperature of the water that runs through the pipes for longer periods of time.  



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