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4 Handy Life Hacks That Require Pool Noodles

September 28, 2018

Pool noodles are toys commonly used by children while swimming. However, what many people don’t know is that these toys can be repurposed in a variety of ways that can help them in a number of different situations, making life a whole lot easier.



With a few tweaks, here are four awesome life hacks that you can try with pool noodles:


Mowing Comfort

Regardless of whether or not you like mowing the lawn, the intense vibration caused by the mower handle can be very inconvenient and potentially cause some long-term damage to your hands! To prevent this, you can simply tape a piece of a pool noodle over the handle. This allows you to comfortably and conveniently mow the lawn without your hands aching!


Cargo Rack Cushion

If you own an SUV and would like to protect the luggage rack and roof from any scratches, cover the bars with pool noodles! All you have to do is cut a line down a noodle, place it on the rack or bar, and tape them on. The foam will not only protect your rack but it would also act prevent your luggage and cargo from making an irritating rattling sound.


Organized Fishing Rod

If you enjoy fishing but are always annoyed when your fishing wires and rods are getting tangled, a well-purposed pool noodle can help you out. Using a PVC pipe, you can make holes with an inch diameter and give each hole enough space to accommodate your fishing rods. Afterwards, cut slits in the noodle while using the same space.


Once done, attach it to a wall by screwing or nailing the foam to the wall. This way, you can store all of your fishing rods by inserting the rods in the slits and have them rest in the holes of the pool noodle, providing you with a tangle-free and easy storage for all of your fishing rods!


Guard Against Trampoline Springs

While your kids are having fun on a trampoline, they always run the risk of landing or pinching their fingers on the springs. To prevent this, you can easily cut pool noodles into short pieces and fitting them onto each spring. That way, your kids are free to bounce on your trampoline while providing a safe environment to play!