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4 Practical Applications of Highly Durable Polyethylene Foam

November 12, 2020

Polyethylene foam is a material that has exceptional stability and dependable recovery attributes that helps it retain its shape. It offers excellent cushioning against impact, making these materials a staple among many manufacturers and companies that need to void packaging fills.


Here are four routine applications of this high-quality foam:


Packaging Void Filler

Voids in packaging boxes can be easily filled with polyethylene foam to help them retain more structural integrity and protect fragile products. The rushed procedures of transportation logistics means distributors need convenient ways to deal with these kinds of problems. Automated process can help fill these voids with foam, ensuring products stay in place within their bracing frame and absorbing the entire shock of any impact.


Blocking and Bracing

Like void fillers, polyethylene foam has enough toughness to be used as a product's mould-filling blocking and bracing. These are necessary foam materials that dampen vibration, act as a void filler, and absorb the remnants of the impact that void fillers absorb. Both void fillers and blockers are affordable to manufacture, making them an essential part of fragile product packaging.


Floor Underlayment

Gyms that see a lot of weightlifting activity can experience damage to their high PSI floors due to their low bend moment capacities. Foam has excellent bend moment capabilities, which allow it to act as thick bumper plates when lifters drop their weights after performing their sets. Additionally, dance and yoga studios also use foam underlayments to make their flooring more comfortable.


Target Materials and Toys

Practice archery ranges use foam as an affordable alternative to Olympic-standard targets. Additionally, the hit registration on foam is precise, and it's easy to replace. Young children can enjoy foam toys hazard-free because of its low impact and tension.


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