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4 Reasons All Construction Work Needs High-Quality Soft Rod Sets

December 01, 2020


High-quality soft rod sets can introduce excellent flexibility and accuracy in construction. With effective use, they can provide excellent depth control for low-temperature sealants. Furthermore, they help sealant applications assume the ideal hourglass shape at all times. All construction projects need soft rods for the following reasons.

Improves Construction Joints

Construction joints can have irregular and varying joint widths. While they're much more durable than a soft type backer rod, closed-cell rods can't expand and guarantee a water and air-tight seal due to their low-expanding nature. Pliable and soft-expanding elastic rods can introduce excellent sealing between construction joints, ensuring minimal movement at all times.

Water and Air-Tight Sealants

Applying caulk becomes easier than ever because a backer rod can fill a considerable chunk of the gap. In doing so, caulks function as space-fillers, allowing you to save on materials while improving the overall construction project's state. Alcot Plastics and other high-quality plastic and foam manufacturers can provide you with top-quality, long-lasting backer rods for all your projects

Filling Gaps Between Joints and Spaces

Soft rods can fill gaps between any material outside construction applications. For example, glazed windows with problematic insulation can introduce gap-filling rods. These are better than plastic or rubber strips, and they can remain in place better despite strong winds and elemental conditions your windows may encounter.

Perfect for Deck and Cabin Log Chinking

Expanding foams are excellent for curtain wall partitions, dislodging tools for pavement and car parking deck maintenance, and removing or filling gaps between cabin logs. The applications are endless for any material with many applications

It's Easy To Find The Best Manufacturer Near You

Working with dependable manufacturers, such as Alcot Plastics, guarantees you'll always have reliable and consistent results for all your insulation and gap-filling needs. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.