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4 Safe Characteristics of Well-Manufactured Pool Noodles

June 26, 2020

Pool noodles are helpful for children learning and enjoying swimming for the first time. The plastic foam serves as buoys to keep them afloat and help them focus on developing their swimming skills. However, make sure you're buying well-manufactured and non-hazardous noodles. Keep in mind these four characteristics to ensure you're using safe products.


Does Not Contain PVC

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) isn't exclusively used for pool noodles manufacturing. However, some creators use PVC to add durability and longevity for their foams. However, PVC is an environmentally-hazardous material because it contains dioxin. This carcinogenic material contaminates the environment and has the potential to be harmful to humans.


No Presence of Polystyrene

Similar to PVC, polystyrene (PS) makes pool noodles problematic because it has styrene. This plastic is a neurotoxin that can cause many problems if the foam chemical composite starts leaching from the foam product. If your manufacturer guarantees no PVC or PS  in their foam, then your children can use them as safe pool toys.


Absence of Lead

In the past, plastic manufacturing used lead extensively as a considerable chemical component. Lead is poisonous and can cause many skin irritations if the foam material leaches it out. Check with your manufacturer to make sure that all pool noodle sets you purchase from them are lead-free and only contains safe plastic materials during manufacturing.


Environment and Health-Oriented Manufacturer

Lastly, the best way to find the most dependable foams is to work with businesses that concern themselves with their product's environmental and health impacts. Alcot Plastics produces only the most durable, toxin-free, and hugely dependable foam and plastic products.


We at Alcot Plastics produce the best plastic products for leisure, commercial, and industrial use. We are committed to ensuring our products are safe for use – you can check out how we’ve been striving to do that here. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.