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4 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Window Screening Splines

February 26, 2021

A screening spline is a special vinyl thread capable of fixing your screening material, such as chicken wires, into the window frame. These plastic threads can last for more than a decade and often outlast the metal screen wires they hold. Unfortunately, they're still vulnerable.   


Here are four crystal-clear signs it's time to replace your window screening splines:


In Use for 10-15 Years

Virtually all screening splines can live for 10-15 years. If your window screening spline has been in use beyond this estimated lifespan, consider replacing it to better the integrity of your window fixture. Window splines stretch out your window screen evenly, and any deviation can result in progressive damages over time.


Uneven or Severely Damaged Window Screens

If your window screens have suffered great damages, have the entire screen system replaced. Truthfully, you can preserve the screening splines, but it's much more affordable and less time-consuming to replace the spline instead. You can purchase high-quality splines from dependable manufacturers, such as Alcot Plastics.


The Spline is Loose

A loose spline is a sign of things to come for your window. You easily replace the splines if your window screens are still in good condition. However, loose splines can also be a sign that the window itself may need to be replaced. Have it inspected by a professional to determine the extent of its damage.


Shining and Rusting

Window screens have a special added powder coating preventing the material from shining or rusting. When your screens start to become shiny and show signs of corrosion, you'll need to replace them soon.


You Won't Need to Look Far to Find Excellent Splines

If you have yet to find a dependable window spline manufacturer, you can always count on us at Alcot Plastics. Contact us today to learn more about our products.