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4 Ways Pool Noodles Are Used Around the Home

February 05, 2021

Pool noodles are toys your children play with in the pool, typically used to help them learn how to swim. Additionally, their cut-up foam counterparts are the materials in lifejackets, raft floaters, and other buoyant materials that can save lives. However, these products can do so much more.


Here are four functions that unlock their full potential in the home:


Comprehensive Baby-Proofing

Hard-edged furniture is your baby's number-one enemy. When toddlers start walking and running, bumping into the pointed edges of furniture can cause serious injuries. An affordable set of pool noodles quickly gives you a cost-effective baby-proofing solution.


Emergency Hoses

Sometimes, you just need to get water from your sink to a bucket quickly. However, you may not want to use your garden hose as it may be dirty or inconvenient to bring indoors. A pool noodle can function as a temporary hose. This usage can help you save so much time during emergencies that require a bucket of water.


Playground Metal Post Covers

Trampolines, children's playgrounds, and other fabricated structures can carry their weight thanks to high-quality steel. However, the same material can cause injuries for kids running and jumping at high speeds. Pool noodles can cover these steel posts, springs, and other structures to prevent blunt force trauma injuries easily.


Electric Cord Protection

Having pets at home helps with everyone's mental state but can be a huge headache because of the damage they can do to your electric outlets and cords. Young pets will chew on anything they see because of their playful and impulse-oriented nature, but also because they are in the process of teething. A pool noodle can be cut up and used to cover cords, allowing your pets to safely bite without the risk of electric shock, but also protecting your cords.


Excellent Projects Need the Best Noodles Available

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