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4 Ways to Maximize The Use of Backer Rods

July 06, 2020


Effective property insulation brings many advantages for homeowners, such as lower utility bills, preventing outside elements from entering your home, and effective soundproofing. You can achieve these results by installing high-quality backer rods rather than using generic rubber or other materials. Here are four ways to maximize their use:

Cleanliness is Next to Effectiveness

For any project, you want to ensure the working area or location is clean. Debris, dust, and other dirt on your concrete material will affect the sealing quality of the caulk you'll use. You want to ensure that you get rid of any dirt, oil, or grease before starting the process. This will ensure you have a clean surface area before installing the backer rods into the gaps and will guarantee a better sealing quality. 

Ensure Rods are Fitted Properly

To achieve maximum insulation with backer rods, you need to push them as tightly into the gap of concrete, logs, or drywall as possible. When you do, you ensure an airtight seal that constricts the rods and tightens the barrier against outside forces. The more tightly-constricted your backer rod gap is, the better the insulation results. 

Use an Effective Sealant

Only use tried-and-proven caulking solutions that your suppliers can recommend. In fact, it's better to use services from experienced backer rod installers such as Alcot Plastics to help you with caulking products that interact safely and guarantee maximum insulation for your property.

Make Sure The Caulk is Completely Dry

Before you apply finishing, make sure the caulk has dried out and cured. In doing so, you'll avoid unnecessary issues with wet and unworkable caulk that can affect the final insulation outcome of your property. Leave it for a day or two before you apply any form of finishing on your final output.

Improve Your Property Insulation With The Best Rods in the Market

For all your high-quality rod and plastic needs, you can always count on Alcot Plastics to provide you with the best solutions that always yield exceptional results.  With over 30 years of collective experience, you're guaranteed only the finest products in the market. Contact us today to learn more.