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5 Industries That Need Polyethylene Foam

January 27, 2021

Polyethylene foam is lightweight, durable, and dependable. Furthermore, high-quality plastic manufacturers, such as Alcot Plastics, manufacture them with the best raw materials available. This foam is resistant to moisture, minimizes compression and perfect for impact protection.

If you are in the following industries, you are highly likely in heavy need of this material.


Packaging and Logistics

Oversized boxes that are used for packaging is definitely one of the worst practices in the industry. But for many businesses, there are only a select few options for packaging their products. Polyethylene foam is perfect to protect fragile products while being able to maximize the empty space within packaging boxes.



Tough, uncompressing soles that give into consistent, explosive high-intensity is something that polyethylene foam can achieve. From casual to professional sportswear, the footwear manufacturing industry extensively uses the foam because it is highly durable despite being light and low-density.


Construction and Building

Log cabins can use open-cell foam to seal interior gaps and guarantee proper insulation. Closed-cell foams perform exceptionally as robust gap-fillers that guarantee maximum sealant adherence. Truthfully, the foam has a great number of uses for construction and building companies.


Sports Equipment

Punching bags, floor mats, rubber shoes, soft-impact posts, and other light equipment, accessories, and machine components use the foam. If you're manufacturing sports equipment, you're always buying polyethylene parts and components wholesale from reliable manufacturers.


Appliance Manufacturing

HVAC units use tough polyethylene walls, dividers, and barriers to direct airflow. The light and low-density material slows down air molecules and does not wick any moisture, making them perfect for virtually any appliance. Polyethylene barricades are widely present in refrigerators and shock-absorbing components of other appliances and motors. 


You can always count on us at Alcot Plastics to provide you with the best wholesale prices and deliveries of polyethylene rods and foams. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.