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5 Signs It's Time to Replace Backer Rods

November 15, 2021

Finding a high-quality backer rods manufacturer, such as Alcot Plastics, can help you seal stubborn gaps between your walls and windows. Backer rods are greatly beneficial for log cabin homes and makeshift sheds because of their durability and performance. 

You need to replace backer rods if you encounter the following:

Extensive Use

Good quality rods can last up to five years without any issues. However, property owners can expect certain performance reductions beyond those years because of natural wear and tear. Fortunately, quality replacement rods are affordable and accessible. If it’s been a while since you installed your backer rods, it’s time to inspect them. 

Peeling and Cracking

Plastic rods use the same principles as spray polyurethane foam to achieve an airtight seal across all cracks, nooks, and corners of a structure. However, they can exhibit some caulk-like properties, such as peeling and cracking in different areas. It's crucial to replace the rods if you spot any cracks or layers that are peeling. 

Air Drafts

You probably sealed several areas that had air drafts with backer rods. However, wear and tear could have affected your rod's sealing over time. If you notice air drafts in the same sections after several years, it’s time to inspect your rod installations. Consider replacing your existing rods if you see any difference in colour, shape, or size. 

Unknown Source of Odor

Plastic rods block liquid and air permeation, providing your property with excellent insulation and protection. However, they're plastics that can absorb moisture and odour once they start breaking down due to ageing. If you notice a rancid smell around your property, it's time to inspect all the rod locations for possible problems.


A clear sign of rod breakdown is its deformation and contraction. Upon application, rods will expand and effectively fill out spaces. As they lose their qualities with age, they start deforming and contracting, leading to poorer performance. If you notice any of this, we recommend getting them replaced. 

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