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5 Situations Where A Soft Backer Rod Is Really Useful

October 19, 2021

A soft backer rod is an open-cell backer rod that expands and fills the cavities or gaps in various structures. Unlike its closed-cell counterpart, an open-cell rod is best suited for indoor applications due to its wicking tendency. However, these rods can still come in handy during some sticky situations.

Here are 5 scenarios where soft backer rods are required:

Expanding and Contracting Component Joints

Some products will require a soft rod where numerous expanding and contracting component joints are involved. While the rigid and tough cured closed-cell rods can handle blunt force much better than their open-cell counterparts, they cannot adapt to contractions and expansions as efficiently as soft rods.

Window Glazing Sealants

Single or double-glazed windows require high-quality sealants to ensure an airtight seal between the two panes to trap gas efficiently. High-quality soft rods, such as those manufactured by Alcot Plastics LTD, are an effective sealant because they don’t allow gas to escape and expand evenly.

Partitions for Curtain Walls

Curtain walls are never fully compatible with your residence's construction materials from an architectural standpoint. Even if it fits aesthetically, the partitions may grow structurally weaker with time. In such cases, a soft backer rod can effectively connect and attach your curtain walls without any difficulty.

Log Cabin Chinking

A closed-cell rod can do the exterior work for chinking log cabins. For your interiors that require an ultra airtight seal, soft rods which are capable of extreme expansion are the best option. In doing so, you have sufficient exterior protection and high-quality insulation by using the two rods in tandem.

Wooden Patio and Flooring

Decks and patios that use wood might have some chipping and other uneven partitions during the component's final installation phase. Soft rods can occupy these spaces, ensuring proper locking and plane levelling to create the most stable patio flooring possible.

If you are yet to find a reliable manufacturer of soft rods, you can always count on us at Alcot Plastics to provide you with high-quality products and services. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.