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5 Unique Facts About Pool Noodles

November 09, 2021

Pool noodles are thick foam tubes or logs used in pools. Lifeguards often use them for floating in the water, and people who cannot swim or are learning to swim use them for both playing and supportive purposes. However, pool noodles have a wide range of other applications too. 

Lesser-Known Facts About Pool Noodles:

Serve Multiple Purposes

Pool noodles are great for children to use in the pool or bathtub, as they are lightweight and easy to manipulate. They can be used to play with a ball, make a castle, or simply float for a relaxing time. They are also inexpensive and can be found easily at stores.

Made from Polyethylene Foam

Polyethylene foam is safe for kids because it is non-toxic. It is also recyclable, which means that it can be recycled repeatedly without any loss of quality. Polyethylene foam is soft, lightweight, durable, and doesn't contain any toxic chemicals. It's flexible enough to be bent and can easily float in water.


Pool noodles are hollow and can create longer polyethylene foam structures as they're inter-connectable. If you need custom structures, you can work with reliable manufacturers to make the best polyethylene foams suited to your needs.

Helpful for Kids’ Swimming Lessons

One of the best ways for teaching children how to swim is to get them a life jacket. When children wear a life jacket, they feel like they are floating. Polyethylene lifejackets are more buoyant, which means they will keep an individual afloat at a greater distance from the water's surface.

Can Be Used as Backer Rods

Backer rods are used to fill small voids in concrete slabs. These small spaces may be caused due to various factors, including the surface cracking of concrete slabs, settling of concrete slabs, and uneven surfaces. The small openings in the slabs might not settle properly if the air voids become wet and shrink in due course. In such cases, polyethylene backer rods can be used to fill these small spaces.

Get The Best Equipment From Dependable Suppliers 

Pool noodles have several uses in the modern world, and you can always count on Alcot Plastics to provide you with the best products. Contact us today to learn more about our wide range of products.