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5 Unique Uses of Pool Noodles

October 28, 2021

While enjoying a swim is a favourite pastime for many, novice swimmers may find even small pools challenging. To reduce the risk of drowning and to better facilitate their transition as a swimmer, pool noodles are used. These flexible, light, cylindrical objects made of polyethylene foam are primarily used as a flotation device in most swimming pools. However, there are plenty of other unique applications of this equipment. 

Here are some important uses of pool noodles apart from the swimming pool:

Pipe Insulation

While most industrial pipe insulation uses EPDM rubber as a primary material, pool noodles are also often used as a replacement, even though EPDM has a higher temperature resistance. Nevertheless, polyethylene foam, like the one made by industry leaders such as Alcot Plastics LTD, acts as a nice, cost-effective replacement. 

Shoe Stores

Pool noodles also find a unique application in many shoe stores across the world. Their soft and flexible qualities offer great support for keeping shoes on shoe racks and display cases. 

Martial Arts

Although it might sound unlikely, they are also used by budding martial artists. Before these trained fighters showcase their strength on sturdier objects like tatami mats or even meat stacks, they used pool noodles as tameshigiri, or also known as a test target.


Some of the most prestigious robotics competitions, such as the FIRST Robotics Competition use this foam as a safety mechanism to prevent any damage to their creations. The elastic quality of the pool noodle makes it a perfect bumper for delicate robots.

Live-Action Roleplaying Games

This polyethylene foam is also used as a mock weapon and other similar equipment during Live Action Roleplaying Games, better known as LARPing. Although pool noodles are more prone to breaking during such events, their abundant production negates this small drawback. 

Thus, apart from its primary use as a floatation device, pool noodles actually have some truly intriguing uses in the modern world. With decades of experience in the field of manufacturing extruded polyethylene foam products, Alcot Plastics LTD has established itself as a leader in the industry. Contact us today to know more about our wide range of products.