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5 Uses of Polyethylene Foam At Home

March 10, 2021

Polyethylene foam is greatly affordable and widely accessible for everyone. It's a sturdy and dependable product that can create airtight seals, absorb shock, and more.

Here are five innovative uses of polyethylene foam in your home:

Home Soundproofing

In the past, people have used mattresses to provide soundproofing. This is costly and inconvenient. With highly-durable polyethylene foam, you can improve acoustic soundproofing and property insulation at the same time. Polyethylene has enough density to slow down air and sound molecules from entering your space.

Camping Mats

Open-cell polyethylene foam is the primary materials used in making memory foam pillow and mattresses. Purpose-made camping foam mats that use the same materials are able to deliver the same comfortable touch and pressure to the skin. Sleep soundly without while camping by using polyethylene camping mats.

Kneeling Pads

Like camping mats, kneeling pads can use closed-cell polyethylene, a harder but still malleable counterpart of open-cell polyethylene. This can soften the impact and provide a protective layer between you and any potential hard debris on the ground when you're kneeling. This foam is an essential component of athletic knee pads and other accessories.

Void Fillers

You can use polyethylene foam to soothe a vibrating stereo system with void fillers or fill in the gap of a water leak under the sink until help arrives. Additionally, void fillers are useful in keeping certain furniture, items, and other parts at home motionless, thanks to its high-quality and shock-absorbing properties.

Home Packaging

If you're sending packages or need to place fragile items away in containers, high-quality closed-cell polyethylene makes sure it does not vibrate or suffer from any blunt force.

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