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6 Best Ways to Use Polyethylene Foam

June 21, 2021

Polyethylene foam is one of the best package cushioning products available for many industries. However, polyethylene foam's capabilities go beyond packaging. A high-quality manufacturer, such as Alcot Plastics, can create the product for many different uses. Here is everything you need to know about this exceptional product.

Why Choose Polyethylene Foam?

Polyethylene foam is useful because of its affordable manufacturing and reliability. In addition, manufacturers can adapt the foam's shape and size for different projects efficiently. With polyethylene foam, you'll have the following benefits.

  •  Dependable Strength
  • Creep Load Resistance
  • Shock Absorbency
  • Water Resistance  

Here are the five best industries with the need for high-quality polyethylene foam:



Fragile electronics and appliances require immense shock-absorbing materials to help protect them inside their packaging during the transportation process. Polyethylene foam is greatly suitable for this purpose. It can be molded to specifically fit a product’s shape and size so that it completely encapsulates the item for effective protection.


Surface Protection

Both fragile and non-fragile products require high-quality shock absorbers. In addition, both types of products also require exceptional surface protection. For example, thin PE foam strips can act as screen lining over fragile television screens. In addition, PE foam sheets have become a staple for smartphone packaging today.


Void Fillers

Wall crack spaces and breaches require void fillers before caulk can be used to complete the seal. High-quality PE foam from Alcot Plastics can act as void fillers that guarantee an airtight but lightweight seal for any wall.


Blocking and Bracing

Block and brace packages during travel to prevent chafing and impact damage during transit. PE Foam can act as a sturdy divider and stabilizer between every package. Doing so prevents possible damages in the process.


Get the Best Foam from Dependable Manufacturers

Alcot Plastics manufactures only the best polyethylene foam products and plastics available in the market. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.