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A Material of Paramount Importance in Your Construction

August 10, 2015

 Unlike in the olden days where plain wooden doors were used, today we have a variety among which are screened doors.If you have a screened door or window, you probably know there is screening spline on your door or window.In the quest to get a strong grip on a screened door, the splines are usually compressed together with the screen into the grooves on the frame.They always come in handy in any building to hold door and window screens in position and are very important.

Normally, the screening spline is made of foam, a material that does not react with water and many organic solvents. They are flexible in such a way that they can be stretched to cover long distances and even forced into small channels that give a screen a stable support. They do not require extensive technical knowhow to install and the entire installation process is as easy as ABC. They are very versatile and this gives them an allowance to be used in both construction and even replacements. This makes them a very ideal option in ensuring protection of your door or window.

On top of all that, they are very durable and they are a give long term service without loosening up. The screening spline is available in a variety of sizes and dimensions and even different colors to choose from.This makes them fit in virtually any client’s specifications. They are also very affordable at the same time. It is always advisable to get your construction material from a certified and trusted supplier. There are few places where you can get top notch splines. One such place is Alcot Plastics Limited.Their manufacturing process is very technical and incorporates advanced technology. Do not compromise on quality, get all your splines at this one stop reputable and reliable shop.