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About the Screening Spline

September 15, 2014


There are many builders who usually used screening spline to hold the door screens in position. There are many advantages that you will get when you use this material in your construction project. To be able to understand why this tool is important, there are several things that you have to know about it. The screening spline is manufactured using foam material. The foam structure is composed of numerous enclosed cells that give it the pliability and flexibility it possesses. This is the reason why larger diameter splines can be forced into small channels that give the screens stable support. You can also stretch them to cover longer distances and give them a firm grip.

The screening spline can be used in new constructions or in replacement work. They can be used to replace the tools that have worn out. It is highly recommended that you purchase the tool with the doorframe parts in the case of new construction. This will enable you to choose the right diameter for the frame. You should buy a larger size instead of an exact size for the channel. A larger size will fill up the channel and provide a firmer grip compared to the exact size. You should use a screening tool when installing a screening spline. The use of this tool will ensure proper installation. The installation should be conducted in uniform strokes in a single direction. When you are installing the spline, make sure that the screen does not wrinkle or fold. You should especially be more careful around the corners. A flat screwdriver will assist you in making sure that you do the installation carefully and neatly. You should use new tools during installation because they ensure the screen will last longer without becoming loose. You can get advice about your specific application from the manufacturer or supplier.