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All You Need To Know About Polyethylene Foam

September 01, 2015

 There are many types of foam all which have different uses. Foam in itself is very versatile and its use comes along with many advantages. Most people think of only packaging on the mention of foam however it has many other different uses. You can find this kind of foam used for insulation, cushioning material among many other uses. If you are looking for a suitable foam material to use in your business applications, here are important things you need to know about polyethylene foam.

Polyethylene foam is closed-cell foam. Its structure is composed of many small bubbles stuck down under each other. This gives it exemplary strength and resilience, a quality that is required in many industries. It is odorless, CFC free lightweight and very cost effective. The foam has abilities to repel things like dust and grease an in addition to that, it also has very excellent shock absorption and insulation capabilities. This kind of foam is also resistant to water, solvents, petroleum products bacteria among many other things. This means that whenever you use it, you are always guaranteed that your items will stay in perfect shape. The best part about this kind of foam is its flexibility. The foam can be molded and customized into different shapes and sizes and so no matter your intended need, you can always find quality foam for use in your business.

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