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An Overview of Polyethylene Foam Products

May 09, 2022

 Since 1983, Alcot Plastics Ltd. has been an industry leader in extruded polyethylene foam products. The founder Jan Alac envisioned polyethylene extrusion that was way easier and better than the existing methods. 

This not only helped Alcot Plastics Ltd. to establish a name as a trusted polyethylene product manufacturer but also to supply only top-quality products to their clients. Today, our wide selection of polyethylene products helps clients from across Canada get access to the best products at even better rates.

Here Are Some Polyethylene Foam Products from Alcot Plastics Ltd. 

Backer rods

Backer rods are used extensively by engineers and contractors to fix expansion joints and to be used as a backstop. These rods are flexible, cylindrical, and made using only the best quality foam. 
We offer three types of backer rods namely open-cell, closed-cell, and bi-cell rods at the best rates. We also supply no-gassing and pliable soft backer rods for construction joints that require sealants.

Pipe insulation

Pipe insulation can tremendously increase your energy efficiency. Without proper insulation, the energy required to heat water and keep it hot is significantly larger, leading to expensive energy bills. We supply pipe insulation of varying thicknesses to cover a wide range of applications. The pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries are our main clients for pipe insulations,

Screening splines

We also specialize in manufacturing screening splines that are durable and flexible. Thanks to the quality of our polyethylene foam, the screening splines are weather-resistant and do an excellent job of holding together the window screen to its frame without leaving any gaps.

Pool noodles

Also known as water woggles, pool noodles are long, cylindrical, and flexible foam tubes that are mainly used as a swimming aid. We manufacture and supply a wide range of products that exceed industry standards.
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