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Applications of Polyethylene Foam

November 26, 2021

Polyethylene foam is a closed-cell foam that is known for its exceptional insulation and shock absorption abilities. It also has outstanding water-resistant capabilities. Due to its closed-cell nature, it does not absorb water or moisture. As a result, there is no risk of mould or bacteria developing even when kept in moist surroundings. One of the unique features of this exceptional foam is that it is stiff yet soft, making it ideal for reducing impact and absorbing shock and vibrations. 

Let's Take a Look at Some of the Popular Applications of Polyethylene Foams


Foams made using polyethylene are used widely for soundproofing. Its excellent sound-absorbing qualities make it one of the go-to options for reducing background noise at places like homes, offices, and recording studios. At recording studios, these foams help avoid the bouncing of the voice, helping with the clarity of the recording.



The durability and flexibility of these foams make them excellent insulators. They offer a high level of thermal resistance among all commonly used insulators. Apart from this, they also act as perfect barriers against pests. 


Fruit covering

PE foam fruit nets are used widely by agricultural producers across the world. They act as a cushion that protects fruits from being damaged during transit. The foam can be easily cut into different shapes to cover fruits of all sizes. These foam coverings are non-toxic.


Pool noodles

PE foams are used to manufacture pool noodles. Foam noodles are used in backyard swimming pools and swimming clubs across the world. Pool noodles are one of the most popular water toys that people of all ages use. Their flexibility and buoyancy make them the ideal tool to learn swimming. 


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