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Are Backer Rods Good For Fixing Cracks?

January 12, 2024
High-quality polyethylene foam backer rods from Alcot Plastics Ltd. in Guelph, ON

As a contractor, fixing cracks in walls, pavements, parking decks, and other structures can be tricky. What seems like a rather simple task requires meticulous planning. The thing with cracks is that if not dealt with in time, even seemingly harmless cracks can become dangerous with each passing day. Not to mention how much cracks dampen the visual appeal of a structure. Contractors, engineers, and architects around the world often turn to backer rods for fixing cracks. These flexible, cylindrical, and durable rods are made of high-quality polyethylene foam. This blog is for anyone wondering whether backer rods are good for fixing cracks. Read this blog until the end to make an informed decision.


The Art of Fixing Cracks With Backer Rods

As we mentioned earlier, backer rods are flexible and durable. The closed-cell structure gives these foam roads insane shape-retention abilities. They can be squeezed into even the narrowest gaps without tearing or breaking. Contractors insert these soft rods into cracks before applying sealants.
What's the purpose of doing this? Well, these foam rods act as an effective filler. They provide a solid surface for the sealant to adhere to. Without a solid backing, the sealants won't be able to provide a secure joint. What's more? Thanks to backer rods, the amount of sealant required to fill the cracks is also significantly reduced. This means less effort and more savings!
The moisture resistance of polyethylene foam means that the soft rods keep moisture and water out of the cracks. Moisture and water are dangerous as they can make the cracks even worse, eventually compromising a building's structural integrity. 
Alcot Plastics Ltd. in Guelph, ON, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of backer rods. We manufacture custom soft rods of varying dimensions to meet your specific needs. We also manufacture PE foam products like pool noodles and screening splines. Call us today to place an order. We supply our products all across Canada.