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May 23, 2014

Very few people recognize the importance of Polyethylene foam in market. When it comes to the manufacture of soft cushioning material with a spongy feel, then polyethylene can be termed as the most appropriate material for this purpose. It is highly used for packaging since it acts as a shock absorber for the delicate goods. In fact, most masonry supplies are cushioned using this type of foam.

Polyethylene is a closed cell type of foam. Its structure consists of millions of bubbles, which are separated from each other hence the name closed cells. This structure makes them resistant to water and adds their strength as well as rigidity. In addition to this, the structure is impervious to petroleum products and various corrosive solvents. This makes it appropriate in protecting the goods against any interactions with the outside environment. During the manufacture of polyethylene foam, various polymer compounds are heated together and combined with some additives which alter their composition and physical properties. Some of the additives make the foam fire resistant while others make it strong, dense and durable. The fact that all these additives are included in the primary formula means that the features of the final product are consistent and uniform throughout the material.

The list of applications of polyethylene foam may be termed as endless. The anti-static nature makes it appropriate for packaging, transportation and handling of delicate electronics that emit charges that can damage some components at critical levels. Fire resistant foams are able to resist fires to some extent and may at times have self-extinguishing features. They are appropriate for insulation purposes and construction of fireproof surfaces. Polyethylene may be easily customized according to the user requirements through addition of appropriate additives. Different colors of foams may be obtained by addition of dyes during the manufacturing process. All these features make polyethylene one of the most versatile products on earth.