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Backer Materials and Their Uses

October 23, 2017

There are various backer materials available in the market, all depending on the immediate need, as well as the shape and density. In this article, we aim at exploring the types of polyethylene foam backer materials.

Backer rods

These are bi-cellular polyethylene cylindrical shaped materials. Though crafted to offer tough resistance to surface pressure, they also offer superior flexibility, making them highly usable with most cold sealants. When crafted to precision, backer rods offer non-gassing features that prevent bubbling of sealants, preventing possible mechanical failure.  For improved sturdiness, they can also be crafted as closed-cell units for use in elastomeric and cold sealants. With polyethylene being poor water absorbent material, the outcomes of their use are always guaranteed.

Backer Gaskets

These are critical foam gaskets that prevent leakage and air infiltration along marriage joints on walls. The factory built materials allow for modular view of your wall joints in a highly permeable environment. The sealing materials confer superior non-absorbent results in the installation and sealing of gaps and cracks on walls. For more resilient outcomes, backer gaskets are crafted with both open and closed cell options. The specialty polyethylene foam products in this class are designed with a fine touch of class and style.

Backer Joint Fillers

These are exuded closed cell polyethylene foam products crafted to handle expansion joints between walls. For the most effective outcomes, they come in different sizes and dimensions, aimed at giving you a comfortable installation and sealing space. For convenience in their use, they are also fitted with superior tear-off strips giving you an excellent installation size without major cutting of the filler.

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