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Backer Rod: Uses and Applications

August 31, 2018

By definition, a backer rod is a lengthy cylindrical material that acts as a filler or pre-filler. It is often used as backing for concrete panels before the application of caulking, and is synonymous in construction materials as it is used in a wide variety of applications.


A backer rod is a useful piece of equipment that has a number of applications in the construction industry.


By providing support and assisting in the sealing process in between gaps or joints on a construction basis, backer rods have proven to be essential. Below are some examples of the typical uses of a backer rod:


1.       Doors – Backer rods provide a more stable gap filler to secure door frames.


2.       Wall Joints – Being of different material in-between walls, it can act as a stabilizer giving better rigidity.


3.       Windows – A backer rod offers better insulation and stability which provides a higher quality installation to window frames and other similar situations.


4.       Flooring – Acting as an insulated divider or joiner between concrete sections, backer rods also minimize the amount of caulking used and gives a better absorbing foundation to sudden movements.


At Alcot Plastics, our backer rods are available in a range of different sizes. By being able to provide multiple sizes, you’re sure to find the backer rod with the diameter perfect for your specific project. The sizes that we offer and its packaging ways are listed below:


¼” This is the smallest diameter that we offer. From the typical backing element between tiles or floors to the unconventional use of book stops to desk organizers, it can serve a variety of different uses!


4” – This is our largest backer rod diameter that we offer and is typically used in highly industrial construction projects.


Our smaller backer rods range in size from ¼” to 1 ¼” in diameter and are packaged in rolls, while our larger diameters are packaged in cartons. So when you’re in need of a backer rod, don’t hesitate to contact us at Alcot Plastics today!