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Benefits of Polyethylene Foam

June 19, 2018

At Alcot, we specialize in making all kinds of plastic products for the commercial and industrial sector.  Polyethylene foam products offer incredible versatility that is optimal for everything from recreational to technological products. An almost endless range of products uses polyethylene foam features.


Polyethylene foam is both shock and vibration absorbent, ideal for protection and display purposes. It comes in a variety of shapes that can be customized to suit your specific applications.


Customized polyethylene foam products include components that are used for various applications like roll-bar padding for racing cars, bottle stoppers, toys, electronic equipment, construction materials, and packaging - which are only a few examples of the uses of polyethylene foam.

Polyethylene foam can be molded into many different forms and shapes. It is resistant to chemicals and provides great thermal insulation. Moreover, polyethylene foam has buoyancy and resistance to fungi and mold. It is also impact resistant.

Here are some of the main benefits of polyethylene foam:

·         Easily molded into shapes – Polyethylene foam can be easily molded into various shapes. The desired shapes can be chosen by the manufacturers and these shapes are personalized.

·         Rigid – Polyethylene foam has a rigid structure that can be seen when it is cut into various thick sections. This is the reason why it is normally used as an insulting material. Polyethylene foam can also resist moisture.

·         Flexibility – Rolls of polyethylene can be used as insulation wrapping for pipes, seals and sill plates. Moreover, the flexibility allows the polyethylene foam to be used as backer rods between two concrete slabs or in home construction. Plastic foam also does not contract and expand from changes in temperature and weather.

·         Antimicrobial Properties – Polyethylene foam can naturally repel dust mites, bed bugs and other insects.

·         Comfort zone – Polyethylene foam commonly used for sleeping mattresses. This is because polyethylene foam returns to its original shape after long hours of compression.


We manufacture polyethylene foam and custom products including screen splines, pool noodles, and foam packaging materials. We take pride in our professional service, hassle-free order processing, and consistent product quality. Call or visit Alcot Plastics today to learn more.