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July 17, 2014

Polyethylene foam is one of the most common tools used for packaging and transportation of goods from manufacturers to suppliers and end users. There are numerous benefits of using this material for transportation of goods as compared to other materials. Because polyethylene is made of recycled polymers, this form of packaging is much cheaper and readily available. The manufacturing process of polyethylene involves melting of polymer compounds and fitting them into different shapes of molds. This means that a wide range of shapes can be achieved. Custom designs can also be made during the process.

The structure of polyethylene foam is made up of numerous tiny bubbles commonly referred to as closed cells. This structure gives polyethylene good cushioning properties. In addition to this, the structure is responsible for water resistant properties. This means that the materials packed inside can be protected from moisture and water from the external environment during transportation. Polyethylene is not only resistant to water but also to other solvents that are oil based or corrosive in nature. This adds to the list of suitable features that make polyethylene a suitable material for transportation of delicate goods.

Most industries dealing with the manufacture of polyethylene foam roll it into thin sheets to suit different applications. The sheets can be rolled around plastic pipes to provide cushioning during transportation. Foam platforms can also be cut into various shapes that are fitted into hollow materials before they are transported. When it comes to transportation of electronics, polyethylene not only offers proper cushioning properties but also good insulation properties. The material has anti-static features hence prevents accumulation of electric charges when transporting electronics. In other cases, various additives are used to give polyethylene its fire insulation properties. This makes it suitable for transportation of delicate materials that may be hindered by heat during transportation