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Can Backer Rods Save You Money?

January 03, 2017

Backer rods are the best supplements to caulking when it comes to repairing cracks on doors and windows. They are especially useful for large cracks (wider that a quarter inch), as they offer effective air-tight coverage. Backer rods, in a nutshell, are small foam rods used to fill in spaces or joints in construction projects. For example, backer rods excel in filling spaces between tiles and can also be utilized to close up cracks.

Backer rods not only add stability to your construction project but also save valuable time by being easy to apply. It is recommended to use backer rods around windows, doors, foundations and wall joints. The foam rods save on caulking materials and help prevent drafts. Once the backer rods are in place, sealant and mortar can be applied around them.  

Some of the Many Benefits of Using Backer Rods:

  •           Easy to use
  •           Save time
  •           Save money
  •           Prevent drafts
  •           Airtight seal

Typically, backer rods are pushed inside the gap or joint needed to be filled by using any tool (such as a knife) and then caulking it. Foam rods are also commonly used for tiling and flooring, but have a wide variety of other uses, such as decorative wall paneling, counter tops, window sealing, as well as in stone work. Backer rods are a smart way to save on caulking material—they easily fill in most of the gap so that you use less caulking. Once the backer rods are properly in place, caulking material can be applied to the remaining space, creating a watertight and airtight seal. 

Can Backer Rods Save You Money? 

Backer rods provide additional insulation and increase energy efficiency in the house or building. This is greatly advantageous if you are eco-conscious or simply want to save on your energy bill. Alcot Plastics provides backer rods in a wide range of diameters, including ¼” to 4”, giving us the capacity to satisfy a wide range of needs.