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Characteristics Of Soft Backer Rods

August 31, 2022


There is a wide range of materials engineers and contractors rely on to finish a construction project. Each material is vital for the overall completion of a construction project. The backer rod is one such material used for construction projects of all sizes. 

Backer rods are used to fill the gap between joints. Application of backer rods includes but is not limited to areas around windows, doors, wall joints, and foundations. Apart from the conventional type, the soft backer rod is also widely used. Alcot Plastic Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of the soft type of backer rod.

Features of soft backer rod  

Regarding its features, the soft type of backer rod is an ideal material used in many construction projects. It has good thermal conductivity and high flexibility. Also, it can be easily cut into any desired shape and size. Moreover, it is resistant to fire and chemicals. In addition, soft rods are available in different densities, which can be customized according to the project's requirements. 

Soft rods from Alcot Plastics Ltd. are soft, non-gassing, pliable, and bi-cellular. All these features make soft rods the perfect material for applications with varying or irregular joint widths. Soft rods are more flexible than conventional backer rods. This makes them better able to conform to the shape of the surface they are being applied to. They help the sealants conform to the ideal hourglass shape by performing depth control.

It is essential to select the right type of backer rod for the application to ensure the project is completed successfully. Sealants do not stick to the soft rod, ensuring that bond breakers are not required. Soft rods are also perfect for applications where there are bubbling concerns. Expansion and contraction joints, curtain wall construction partitions. bridge pavements and log home chinking are areas where soft backer rods are preferred.

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