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July 22, 2014

Pool noodles can be described as cylindrical pieces of polyethylene foam that are used by kids for water games. They come in two main versions. They may have either a block shape without a hole inside or a hollow shape with a hole inside. Those that have a hole inside are connected to each other using various types of connectors such as ropes. The connectors in this case are passed through the hole inside. Block types on the other hand are connected using a special type of connector, which holds the pieces, by their extreme ends. The water waggles can be connected to form different shapes hence are mostly used by kids as play toys.

Pool noodles have the ability to float on water. This is due to their light nature and polyethylene structure, which prevents them from being damaged by water. Some people use them as swimming aides due to this feature by either tying them on their limbs or using them like the common air floaters. There are thousands of other applications that have been innovated by swimming enthusiasts. They not only consider them as swimming aides but also floaters for holding drinks and foods inside the pool. The floating food containers are made by connecting a series of water waggles using a rigid connector such as a wire to form the shape of a container. Drinks and foods are placed inside these containers and kept afloat on the surface of water.

Pool noodles can also be used outside the swimming pool for clever applications. They can be fixed on the edge of the door to prevent it from latching especially when one is monitoring their kids in the next room. They can also be used in car parks to prevent opening doors from bumping to the sides of the car park. Their cushioning properties have made them suitable for thousands of home and office applications.